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Saturday, July 04, 2020

SSP Community: Terms of Use

The SongShow Plus Community Forums is a service provided by R-Technics, Inc.  It is operated and moderated by R-Technics personnel.  The purpose of these forums is to educate potential users, assist existing users, and to promote the general use of SSP and related services.  R-Technics reserves the right to edit or delete any posts that it deems contrary to these purposes.  R-Technics may also, at its discretion, assign non-R-Technics personnel to moderate forums within this service. R-Technics cannot guarantee total and continuous access to this service but will strive for a high level of availability.  Some forums within this service may have read and post rights restricted to certain users at the discretion of R-Technics.  Participants of these forums are, by their participation, agreeing to these terms.

Whew, enough of the legalese…let’s get to discussing!