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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Wireless Remotes and SongShow Plus (HI007)
Last Post 19 Oct 2011 04:47 PM by George. 1 Replies.
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08 Jan 2009 10:46 AM  

There are a lot of wireless remotes available today and the key to working with SongShow Plus is programmability. 

The keyboard keys most used for moving forward and backward through a program in SongShow Plus are the plus (+) and minus (-) keys.  Unfortunately, most remotes are not programmed with these keys by default.  If you get a programmable remote that you are able to assign these keys to buttons of your choice, this is not an issue.

We recently tested the RemotePoint Emerald Navigator presentation remote (model VP4450) from Interlink Electronics and it seems to work well. Full hardware specifications and software can be found on the manufacturers website.

The remote itself is fairly simple with 4 programmable buttons and a built in green laser pointer.  It has a small USB receiver with a 100ft RF range that was easily recognised when plugged into the test system.  The package does not come with any software but the programming utility is relatively small and can be downloaded from the manufactures website.  This installation does require Microsoft DotNet so you will have to download that as well if you don't have it.

Programming this remote was pretty straight forward.  After the programming application is installed, launch it and select the remote you have.  After selecting a custom profile you can assign a key to the buttons by simply selecting the key from the drop down list.  One limitation that I found with this is the programming tool does not include the 10-key pad in the programming list. 

Once the programming is done the key/button assignments (plus (+), minus (-) and (\) for Mute Display in this case) are saved in the USB receiver so there is no need to reprogram the remote if you move to another system.  I tested this by moving the USB receiver to another system with SSP installed on it and the remote worked as expected. 


GeorgeUser is Online
SSP Team
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Veteran Member

19 Oct 2011 04:47 PM  
A change to SongShow Plus in the August 2011 Edition added a feature called Keyboard Navigation Mode to place SSP in a mode that will always send the mapped keyboard commands to the Program panel.

This update may change the behavior of your remote and the Keyboard Navigation Mode will need to be invoked to restore control.

There is a KB article (TS151) that has more details. If this does not work you should double check the key map on your device and then contact the support team.

This is the expected behavior going forward.

There are also now alternate methods of controlling SongShow Plus that can use your phone or tablet.  Browse or search the forums for "Mobile Control" for additional details.
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