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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Unable to play certain WMV video files. (TS223)
Last Post 07 Aug 2017 09:44 AM by George. 1 Replies.
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GeorgeUser is Online
SSP Team
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Veteran Member

14 Mar 2013 01:14 PM  
When trying to play certain WMV video files the user get an error indicating the file is unable to play or it may seem to hang up SongShow Plus. These videos may also start to play but stop prematurely.   

Possible Cause:
This issue appears to be isolated to WMV videos that have been created with an older version of the WMV codecs.  The suspect version is the "WMV2 WMP v8" type used in older encoders.  Other older types may also be suspect.  Most videos in this format will play but there are some that do not.  In most cases we have determined that these videos are using non-standard resolutions or audio bit-rates.  These minor flaws cause one or more frames to be corrupted at random places in the video.  A good test for this is to see if you are able to move the slider manually a frame or two and then start/resume playback.  This would indicate that the issue is caused by a corrupted frame during the initial render.

Possible Solution:
Acquire the video in a newer WMV format.

Possible Solution:
Re-render the video into the latest WMV format (WVC1) or supported H.264 format (if you have the plug-in) using rendering software.
Disclaimer - The first option should always be going back to the source of your file and ask for an update. If you created the source video, simply use the tools you created the video with. Use the software below at your risk.  These are merely suggestions for possible solutions and may not resolve all issues.  Vet options as you see fit before proceeding.

From Microsoft:
Windows Movie Maker:  This was available for free download as part of Windows Essentials but that was removed by Microsoft on January 10th 2017 - no replacement was provided.   If you still have this download or have it already installed, it should work as before.
Expression Encoder 4: This is available for free download from Microsoft (as of this update) but support has ended.  This tool is less user friendly than Windows Movie Maker but will still do the job.  If your source video is corrupted this tool may not read it successfully.

From 3rd Parties:
Movie Edit Touch:  For Windows 10 users - This is available in the Windows Store and seems to do a quick job of this.

NOTE: This video format is expected to play and we are working on an internal correction for this.  Updates are being made in SSP 8 that will prevent SSP from hanging up but the video still may not play as expected.  Also if there are corrupted frames in the video it should be re-rendered anyway.

GeorgeUser is Online
SSP Team
Veteran Member
Veteran Member

07 Aug 2017 09:44 AM  
This bad behavior in the videos was addressed and is available in the production release of SongShow Plus version 8.4.

If this behavior is observed after updating to Version 8.4 please contact support for additional review.
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