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Saturday, July 04, 2020

Training Services and Schedule

SongShow Plus On-demand Video Training

With on-demand training, you have access to hours of pre-recorded video training sessions.  You can access these at any time.  They can be viewed as a group at your church, or individually in the privacy of your home.

All users with a current Silver-level subscription are given access to the Basic Introduction volume.  Additional lessons are available for those with a Gold level subscription.

For more information about on-demand training, visit the on-demand training page at To register for on-demand training call (toll-free) 877-458-6367.


SongShow Plus Webinars

Webinars are periodically offered free of charge to any SongShow plus user.  During a webinar participants can view the trainer’s screen using a screen sharing software that is provided.  The topics vary and are interactive.  Each session is planned to last approximately an hour.  Webinars are provided by GoFishMedia, LLC,  To register for an upcoming webinar call (toll-free) 877-458-6367.


SongShow Plus Hands-on Training Schedule

No hands-on training events are scheduled at this time.