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Saturday, July 04, 2020

About the Wish List

The Wish List provides SongShow Plus users with a way to submit ideas and to vote on other users' ideas. This feature is availble to SSPlash users with a current SongShow Plus Update Service subscription.

Wish List

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Name Description / Moderator Comments Updated Status Implemented In
David Yarbrough In slide show, I would like to be able to have multiple audio tracks that loop during the slide show presentation

You can use an audio chain (introduced in 8.4) for this purpose.
10/23/2018 Completed Version 8.4  
Integrate Song Show Plus with Planning Center online We use Planning Center Online for worship planning. I recently noticed that another projection software integrates with Planning Center such that you can download your service plans within the software. Having such a feature would ease the building of weekly programs. 10/24/2016 Completed Version 8.0  
Change Logos SSP. Use your new logo on your software box on startup screen, icon for program on desktop, and opening screen when you execute the program. Get rid of the 90's look. 10/24/2016 Completed Version 8.0  
Planning Center Online Integration This would allow services planned in planning center to be automatically loaded into SongShow by simply logging in to planning center from a SongShow module. It would also allow planning center's live application to update as service elements are displayed from the SongShow computer. This would be very useful for our Sunday tech crew. 10/17/2016 Completed Version 8.0  
Integration with Planning Center Online Software Please integrate Planning Center Online with SongShow Plus so we can download our worship plans right into the program in Songshow Plus. The two should sync also for real time updates. Pro-Presenter, Media Shout and Proclaim currently have the integration built in. 10/17/2016 Completed Version 8.0  
Slideshow editor window background color to contrast text Make background of editing window an opposing color of text that is being edited so we can tell what we are editing.

This was implemented some time ago.
10/10/2016 Completed    
we need an amplified bible for Song Show Plus 8.+ we need an amplified version of the bible we use to have thru online bible but now with that support gone in version 8 we need a new way other than copy and paste each verse. Please help!!!!!! 6/13/2016 Completed Version 8.3  
Restore 16:9 aspect ratio display in Presenter Window in SSP8 In SSP7 I could see all my slides/songs/etc. in 16:9 aspect ratio (which is my projection ratio) in the Presenter Window without being hooked up to a 16:9 display (projector). I cannot do this in SSP8. Unless I am hooked up to a 16:9 display all my slides, etc. appear as 4:3 ratio in my Media Control and Display Monitor windows in SSP8. That isn't too useful and would limit my conversion over to SSP8. The work-around suggested by a Tech was to embed the display in the Presenter Window at 16:9 ratio. This does produce previews at 16:9 but I have to open SSP8, embed the display, close and reopen SSP8 to do my work, then remove the embeded display, close, and reopen SSP8 so I can display (project) the program. Please restore the ability to preview/view all my content in 16:9 in the Presenter Window without having to use the above work-around (which is not needed in SSP7). Thanks. 9/22/2014 In Testing Version 8.1  
Modify New Living Translation Bible The NLT Bible includes notes and alternate translations inserted in the middle of the verse. This breaks the flow of the reading and makes it unusable for us. I wish for a version with no such notes as an alternative. 9/15/2014 Completed Version 8.0  
Fully Adjustable Contol Panels One or more control windows are locked into zones horizontally, with the Display Monitor, Display and Media Controls locked into one zone, the Database and Program Panels locked into another zone, and the audio and Plug-ins each locked into their own horizontal zones. The biggest problem with this is given the 16:9 aspect ratio of today's display monitors, a lot of critical 'vertical' space can be wasted because you can't move any control window into another horizontal band. For example, maybe you want to use the plugin panel, but don't need it to stretch all the way across horizontally; wasted space. Maybe you don't need the database panel open when running a program but because the only other panel that goes with that zone is the program panel, you end up with it stretching all the way across the monitor when it doesn't need to; wasted space. Now if I had a workstation and a 24" display monitor that might not be so bad, plenty of display real estate. But if you're running this on a laptop like I am, it can get pretty crowded. What I'd really like to see are fully dockable and sizeable windows that can be 'snapped' into place and synchronously sized with other windows adjacent to them. 8/18/2014 Completed Version 8.0  
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