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Friday, April 20, 2018

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Does SongShow Plus work on Windows 10? (FAQ037)
Last Post 26 Apr 2016 04:50 PM by George. 0 Replies.
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26 Apr 2016 04:50 PM  
The first fully Windows 10 supported version will be SongShow Plus 8.3.  Once version 8.3 is ready for production release it will have been run through a larger, more detailed battery of tests using Windows 10 in its current form.  At that point we will consider version 8.3 ready for Windows 10 use.  While some testing was done with version 8.2, we will not be fully testing previous versions of SongShow Plus with Windows 10 and suggest that these updates (Windows 10 and Version 8.3) occur at the same time.

If you choose to proceed with updating to Windows 10 on your SongShow Plus systems we will still take your feedback (this is always helpful) through the support team and this forum but keep in mind these issues may not be addressed right away.

Tips for Using SongShow Plus on Windows 10
  • If you do an in-place update to Windows 10 from your current operating system we recommend that you deactivate SongShow Plus first, then update the OS, then re-activate SongShow Plus.  This will ensure a smooth transition.

  • If you do an update before deactivating and the license becomes invalidated, you can either use the temporary license offered and allow it to resolve itself or contact support before proceeding to allow them to assist you through the process.

  • While there are no known issues at this time, we recommend that you do not operate SongShow Plus on a Microsoft Account login.  We recommend using a local system account for using SongShow Plus.
Microsoft's Windows 10 Update Strategy

Changes in Microsoft's Windows 10 update strategy are important for SongShow Plus users to understand since they can have both minor and major impacts on the operation of SongShow Plus. 

Microsoft has moved completely away from the Service Pack and "dot versions" previously employed with the Windows OS.  The new update strategy is "OS as a Service" and is more fluid, happening both automatically and in the background (for the most part) so changes (even major ones) occur without user intervention.  So far, there are five major versions of Windows 10, and some may have significant impact on end users:
  • Windows 10 - Initial version of Windows 10 (Later named Version 1507) - Initial Release on July 29th 2015
  • Version 1511 - 1st Major update to Windows 10 - Initial Release November 12th 2015
  • Version 1607 - 2nd Major update to Windows 10 (AKA - Anniversary Update) - Initial Release August 2nd 2016
  • Version 1703 - 3rd Major update to Windows 10 (AKA - Creators Update) - Initial Release April 5th 2017
  • Version 1709 - 4th Major update to Windows 10 (AKA - Fall Creators Update) - Initial Release October 24th 2017
To determine which version is currently installed, users can run the winver tool:
  • From the Search bar
    • Select the Search or Cortana bar
    • Enter "winver" and search
    • Execute the tool and the "About Windows" page should come up.
  • From the Run command
    • Right-click on the Windows Icon
    • Select the Run command
    • Enter "winver" and click OK.
    • The "About Windows" page should come up.

Additional information may be found in the forums or in other KB articles if additional specific information becomes available.


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